Day 267 – Dr Sketchys – Part 2

All of these were drawn last week at Dr Sketchys. An about ten drawings that note. Dr Sketchys is always the Kay Wednesday of the month at 7 pm at Chat Noir at 8th and Ellis in downtown Augusta Ga. But it is a worldwide movement. You can find a group near you or start one!!!

All sketches are down with Pentel brush pen Pentel color brush pens and Tombow markers. 


 Cosmo detail posted earlier today on IG. A great model. Interesting poses. And he held them. This was a ten minute pose. 



Cosmo the whole guy!! His boots were too big and flipped on his feet which made them hard to draw. 


 Cosmo – oops he didn’t need his foot!! A lot of red lights on him. 


Cosmo is a fire water. This is actually two poses. He ate fire first. Then he loaded putting it out. 


And poor Cosmo was embarrassed by this pose. 


The last pose of the night. I think the elephant was funny. Others not so much. And that’s a wrap. Something new tomorrow. 

Thanks for looking.  

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