Day 2047 Some of my favorites

From my Biking cruise from Paris to Normandy.

First night on the Champs d’Elysses. Who doesn’t love the arc de Triomphe and a rainy night in Paris.

All the variety of doors just fascinated me. I could have filled a book with doors and

The amazing variety of lampposts.

Drawing in the Louvre. Who knew you weren’t suppose to?! And I sat in the main hall near the Mona Lisa drawing away. I mean they had these really comfy sofas.

Whiskey painter box Noodler Ahab pen platinum black ink strathmore mixed media sketchbook

Back to grandkids. Truly Margart Xoxoxoxo in Decatur.

Day 2046 The cutesy shop

Not wild about this drawing of the cutest little shop on a trailer. I like the people walking and talking. I LOVE the little building. Had wierd things like flying pigs and Campbell’s soup can chicken clocks that where too much fun.

Nobody to buy them from that I could tell but what a nifty way to do a craft show. Pull up. Open your two sides up with a drop leaf desk type of thing lower the steps and you are open for business. Of course you have to stick around and sell stuff right?! Hmmm.

Derwent Watercolor pencils Lamy Ef Eelskin ink hahnemuhle journal

Margaret off to Atlanta in the am but would rather stay home on the sofa. Did I say Henry has lost his first tooth?’ 😳👍🏻🤗Xoxoxoxo

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Day 2045 More urban sketching

I decided to draw the state capital again since I had messed up the perspective on the last one. I had drawn the capital dome higher than the buildings on Main. It’s really the other way around. Buildings taller than the capital.

And don’t forget to make all the peoples heads the same height. Something I have learned since I did the Notre Dame sketch. Oopsey. We live and we learn right?

Bytw speaking of Notre Dame great youtube to listen to all the French churches ringing their bells together 48 hours after the fire started. The video starts with St Denis Cathedral. After decaptitation on Montmartre St Denis is the patron saint of Paris and France who walked around Paris with his head under his arm I think around 300 AD.

One more story about St Denis. We were in France during the bombings of the Bataclan. All public buildings shut down our last day. We stayed out in Conflans outside Paris to be safe.

Then Viking got us up at 5 am to drive to Charles De Gaulle right thru St Denis where the bombers were found three days later. Not a very safe route. We also went right by the Basilica of St Denis where he is buried.

Of course missing Versailles and d’Orsay is a reason to return right?! And I can light a candle at Notre Dame or nearby Sainte Chapelle.

Hahnemuhle journal watercolor pencils Lamy EF Eelskin ink

Margaret Xoxoxoxo

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Day 2044 Thank Goodness

It’s saved. I bought this lovely painting print?! At a local consignment store three years or so ago. Can’t find anything out about the artist. But it’s so nicely done I wish I knew more. Google has NOT been helpful.

To console myself as I watched the fire I made this card last nite for a sick friend who loves hummers.

Lamy watercolor on Stonehenge print paper.

I thought I would share some great sketches by one of my favorite artists Ronald SearlesA British artist who died Inn 20111 but lived in Paris for quite a long time.

Guess when this sketch was made?! The 70s?!

And now for a few of my photos from Notre Dame three years ago. Hope you enjoy them. It’s a lovely spot. and Hopefully will be again soon. Joan of Arc

Margaret received the building stands but worried it may have lost its integrity and be irreparable.

Cheery thought. NOT. xoxoxox

Day 2043 Horrified

That Notre Dame is burning. A rose window gone. One of the towers on fire as I type.

You don’t have to be catholic to know that this is one of the earths most holy spots.

I drew these when we were in Paris four years ago. We thought the November bombings that happened while we were there were horrific but this … leaves me speechless and close to tears.

I think we need a go fund me for the Cathedral.

Pray for Notre Dame.

Noodler Ahab Platinum Black Ink my whiskey palette with winsor newton watercolor.

Margaret so sad today xoxoxo

Horrified one of my favorite spots on earth is burning #notredame #ink #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #notredame #sc #paris #iledefrance #drawing #sketching #notredame #downtown #Sketchbookskool #paris

Day 2042? Soda Sunday

Rather like this. Colored with derwent watercolor pencils.

Took a lot of coloring to get it this dark so going to try my faves castells. The derwent seem quite waxy compared to them but since it’s a new journal a hahnemuhle it could be the book.

Here’s the ink sketch. I added a few more people to it. Always important-to keep the heads at the same level when adding people. None of these people were there at the same time and some are not even drawn all From The same people because they kept walking by aka off.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black Ink hahnemuhle journal

Margaret Xoxoxox

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Day 2044 Soda City

This morning in Columbia aka Cola Soda City. Long admired this clock and the building and who doesn’t love the peanut stand?! this one leaves a lot to be desired but coloring it will improve it. I hope.

I should have stopped to draw this truck. I just love its lines and the green and of course the flowers.

The flowers at this place were amazing. I just couldn’t figure out how to get them home.

And then There was this fabulous place loaded with kitschy clocks. Now why didn’t I draw it. May have to correct that. Just to quirky and cute. And HOW did it get in the middle of Main Street? I guess it’s a trailer?! I dunno. I think I need that flying pig.

Noodler Eelskin ink Lamy Ef in a hahnemuhle brand spanking new journal.

Margaret ready to put on her pjs and tuck into bed. Xoxoxo

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Day 2043 Zoe w a Z

She’s spent the last two weeks either sitting in my lap or next to me. Here she is watching something out the window holding still long enough for me to draw her with my Lamy Ef.

She has on her Charlie Brown easter scarf. What every well dressed Jack Russel wants to wear.

Lettering done with a Namiki Fude a Japanese calligraphy pen

Stillman and birn Zeta derwent Watercolor pencils.

Margaret who will get back to her nap now Xoxoxox of course with Zoe.

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Day 2042 My grandkids

Usually enjoy looking at my sketchbook. Livie wanted to know why they weren’t in it as usual?! I told her it was because I hadn’t seen Them a lot since I started this one. So today I fixed that. They are now a part of it. A late Halloween costume sketch. They are always adorable in their costumes. This year Henry aka Harry Potter and Livie the unicorn

I drew them first w a blue watercolor pencil. Worked out well.

Derwent watercolor pencils stillman and birn

Margaret xoxoxo only one page left in the journal. Might save it for Livie to draw on when I see her next week.

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