Day 2044 Thank Goodness

It’s saved. I bought this lovely painting print?! At a local consignment store three years or so ago. Can’t find anything out about the artist. But it’s so nicely done I wish I knew more. Google has NOT been helpful.

To console myself as I watched the fire I made this card last nite for a sick friend who loves hummers.

Lamy watercolor on Stonehenge print paper.

I thought I would share some great sketches by one of my favorite artists Ronald SearlesA British artist who died Inn 20111 but lived in Paris for quite a long time.

Guess when this sketch was made?! The 70s?!

And now for a few of my photos from Notre Dame three years ago. Hope you enjoy them. It’s a lovely spot. and Hopefully will be again soon. Joan of Arc

Margaret received the building stands but worried it may have lost its integrity and be irreparable.

Cheery thought. NOT. xoxoxox

6 thoughts on “Day 2044 Thank Goodness

  1. sophieA says:

    These pictures and sketches are priceless!

    I love Paris…. My oh my do I…….

    Thank you so much for sharing. It brings back magic memories!

    If I ever go there again I hope it’s with a lover😊😊😊 (I’m 73….lol.)

    Sent from my IPad.


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