Day 2045 More urban sketching

I decided to draw the state capital again since I had messed up the perspective on the last one. I had drawn the capital dome higher than the buildings on Main. It’s really the other way around. Buildings taller than the capital.

And don’t forget to make all the peoples heads the same height. Something I have learned since I did the Notre Dame sketch. Oopsey. We live and we learn right?

Bytw speaking of Notre Dame great youtube to listen to all the French churches ringing their bells together 48 hours after the fire started. The video starts with St Denis Cathedral. After decaptitation on Montmartre St Denis is the patron saint of Paris and France who walked around Paris with his head under his arm I think around 300 AD.

One more story about St Denis. We were in France during the bombings of the Bataclan. All public buildings shut down our last day. We stayed out in Conflans outside Paris to be safe.

Then Viking got us up at 5 am to drive to Charles De Gaulle right thru St Denis where the bombers were found three days later. Not a very safe route. We also went right by the Basilica of St Denis where he is buried.

Of course missing Versailles and d’Orsay is a reason to return right?! And I can light a candle at Notre Dame or nearby Sainte Chapelle.

Hahnemuhle journal watercolor pencils Lamy EF Eelskin ink

Margaret Xoxoxoxo

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