Day 2034 some dr Sketchys finally

Not a stellar night for me. She was An interesting model but sometimes you are just off. when I just dread the head it usually means I don’t like the pose. And I never got around to finish painting these. Shows how much I liked them. more interesting.

Can I blame my bad sketching on the fact that I was getting sick already?!

Pentel bush pen Charles Reid palette superaquabee 10×14″

Margaret still out for the count.

Day 2033 Gorp continues

Sweet little squirrel I drew before I got ill. At least I think I am on the mend. He just gleamed in the sunlight out on the back deck. Fat and sassy. Must be all those sunflower seeds I feed them.

They have been attacking the feeders since I have been a little slack the last two days. They slide down and fall off upside down. Knuckleheads!!

Goodnite all.