Day 2042? Soda Sunday

Rather like this. Colored with derwent watercolor pencils.

Took a lot of coloring to get it this dark so going to try my faves castells. The derwent seem quite waxy compared to them but since it’s a new journal a hahnemuhle it could be the book.

Here’s the ink sketch. I added a few more people to it. Always important-to keep the heads at the same level when adding people. None of these people were there at the same time and some are not even drawn all From The same people because they kept walking by aka off.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black Ink hahnemuhle journal

Margaret Xoxoxox

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Day 2044 Soda City

This morning in Columbia aka Cola Soda City. Long admired this clock and the building and who doesn’t love the peanut stand?! this one leaves a lot to be desired but coloring it will improve it. I hope.

I should have stopped to draw this truck. I just love its lines and the green and of course the flowers.

The flowers at this place were amazing. I just couldn’t figure out how to get them home.

And then There was this fabulous place loaded with kitschy clocks. Now why didn’t I draw it. May have to correct that. Just to quirky and cute. And HOW did it get in the middle of Main Street? I guess it’s a trailer?! I dunno. I think I need that flying pig.

Noodler Eelskin ink Lamy Ef in a hahnemuhle brand spanking new journal.

Margaret ready to put on her pjs and tuck into bed. Xoxoxo

Drawing the state capitol #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #columbia #sc #southcatolina #mainst #drawing #sketching #streetfestival #downtown #Sketchbookskool #sodacity