Day 2044 Soda City

This morning in Columbia aka Cola Soda City. Long admired this clock and the building and who doesn’t love the peanut stand?! this one leaves a lot to be desired but coloring it will improve it. I hope.

I should have stopped to draw this truck. I just love its lines and the green and of course the flowers.

The flowers at this place were amazing. I just couldn’t figure out how to get them home.

And then There was this fabulous place loaded with kitschy clocks. Now why didn’t I draw it. May have to correct that. Just to quirky and cute. And HOW did it get in the middle of Main Street? I guess it’s a trailer?! I dunno. I think I need that flying pig.

Noodler Eelskin ink Lamy Ef in a hahnemuhle brand spanking new journal.

Margaret ready to put on her pjs and tuck into bed. Xoxoxo

Drawing the state capitol #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #columbia #sc #southcatolina #mainst #drawing #sketching #streetfestival #downtown #Sketchbookskool #sodacity

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