Day 2051 America

Got the perfect book from Amazon right before I and taking an plein air urban sketching painting class from the great Vlad Yeliseyev a Russian emigre whose an amazing plein air watercolor artist that I ran across at Olmsted Plein Air last year.

Ronald Searle in NYC

Been trying to find a class with him since and one unexpectedly popped up so back to Atlanta tomorrow.

Las Vegas

The book is a huge coffee table book in near mint condition.

San Francisco

Normally the book costs $85.

Central Park

Used the book was $30. Score.

China Town


even Disney cartoonist where inspired by him. This is 101 Dalmatians.

His tools. Hard to see in the small book pic so I took one of it to see what everything was. Where’s my black grease pencil?!

Just love this book. Go get your own on Amazon. In my dreams I draw as well as Searle.

How can you go wrong with these two hysterical American icons?!

Margaret off to book club and then Atlanta tomorrow. Xoxoxox call me yo-yo!!