Day 2046 The cutesy shop

Not wild about this drawing of the cutest little shop on a trailer. I like the people walking and talking. I LOVE the little building. Had wierd things like flying pigs and Campbell’s soup can chicken clocks that where too much fun.

Nobody to buy them from that I could tell but what a nifty way to do a craft show. Pull up. Open your two sides up with a drop leaf desk type of thing lower the steps and you are open for business. Of course you have to stick around and sell stuff right?! Hmmm.

Derwent Watercolor pencils Lamy Ef Eelskin ink hahnemuhle journal

Margaret off to Atlanta in the am but would rather stay home on the sofa. Did I say Henry has lost his first tooth?’ 😳👍🏻🤗Xoxoxoxo

Cute shop at Soda City #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #columbia #sc #southcatolina #mainst #drawing #sketching #streetfestival #downtown #Sketchbookskool #sodacity

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