Day 1823 Funny how

A Harley Sportster drawn with the Namiki Fude. Love the action in this. All the streaks on the left were where I was covering up that I made the body too long and then I shortened it. Who knew it would make it looks like it was ready to zoom down the road on a gorgeous afternoon??

Being in another town always makes me want to draw. So why doesn’t Augusta inspire me?!

Maybe I need someone to show me the town I have lived in so long with new eyes?! Or make a New Years resolution to go draw augusta at least once a week?!

Hat progress. Coming along. Already started the French knots on it. Want it in the mail tomorrow.

Margaret whose planning a few jillion more French knots and some painting as soon as I get this finished. Xoxox

#harley #sportster #ink #art #motorcycle #artist #augusta #allaprima #strathmoreandbirn #drawing #sketching #urbansketching #ink #namikifude

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