Day 1822 It’s Saturday

Something a little different. An experiment.

First break nary a pencil line anywhere

I painted the shape of Emily before I used one pencil line.

Second break. Sorry for the terrible photo. Light is bad in that room.

I did finally break down and use a water soluble pencil at the last break. And then painted some more.

Tried to keep the edges soft but see. I hardened up the outside of her right arm. Oops.

Somehow I didn’t notice she has this tiny tiny had til almost done with the painting. Oppsey again. Her had was almost as big as her face. Who woulda thunk but that’s what it measured.

Lots I like about the painting. All the delicious flesh and pink tones. Like her hair. Lost edges in it are great.

Things I don’t like. Face went a little dark but oh well it’s an experiment. And her necks too thin.

Anyway Charles Reid palette colors background Prussian blue. Derwent HB watersoluble sketching pencil.

Attendance was light today. Everyone running around getting ready for Christmas.

Coach. Never saw this one finished but I liked his start at first break a lot.

Amy Lockhard Ness charcoal and hmmm.

Eve charcoal and white pastel.

Al Beyer oil

Tom Needham Watercolor he used his pencil!’

Fred’s large acrylic. Always the most Colorful painting in the room. And the man makes a great latte!!

One last hat for my poor niece who is shingles in her eyes. Eeekk. Poor baby. French knots tomorrow I hope.

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxo

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