Day 1824 Merry Christmas

Early from Zoe and I. We are going to be at the cabin in the mountains incommunicado for Christmas. If you stand on the far right corner of the deck nearest the river you MIGHT get a signal.

Zoe loves her scarves and the only Christmas scarf they had at Paw Mahal in Decatur was a large one. Way too big for Zoe but she loves it. Truly the dog likes to dress up and will try to put her scarf back on if I take it off putting her nose thru the circle.

Lamy Vista Stillman and Birn alpha w Eelskin Black Ink. Colored with my watercolor pencils and red gel pen.

The background of the page is stained with one of my Bigelow tea bags. I just smeared it over the page.

One more hat for my sweet granddaughter almost done. Needs white dots. Think furry ones. We shall see.

Margaret off to bed xoxoxo

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