Day 1815 It’s Saturday

Ashley Should have taken a queue from the chilly monsoon today and stayed home in bed but no I went off to lifemodeling.

The drawing first break. Not going well. Brought a homemade apple pie for a treat and people were lined up for it in the kitchen during break. Along with Freds lattes. Yummm

Second break what’s with those legs. Cut them off cut them off. So I did. Whack whack. One thing good about paper you can always crop it. Hurrah.

Ashley a slip of a thing about 100 lb was challenging.

I do like the lost edges on the right side. And I like her face. And hmm that’s it. Chop chop.

Canson Bristol Charles Reid colors plus Prussian blue and Daniel Smith hematite burnt orange.

Drew Murphy first break

My friend Andrew Murphys

Amy Lockhard Ness best of the batch. Charcoal pastel

Rich Klein’s pastel

Leg trouble was rampant.

Fred keeping it loose and zany.

Bill Daniels oil on metal panel

Thomas Needham the other successful one. Watercolor

Tyrone pencil

Margaret putting her feet up with Zoe. Xoxoxox

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2 thoughts on “Day 1815 It’s Saturday

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Thanks….envious that I wasn’t there…though warm and cozy and in a flurry with holiday ‘doings’. Great to see you Thurs. at Exhibit. I am thinking that this Wed. could be a good day to go to WestaBou about 1:30 ish to see Joe’s art and more. R U interested/ Alexis

    I like your watercolor. Alexis Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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