Day 1808 It’s Saturday

Back in the groove with Macy as model.

First break

Second break

Did a really good eye but somehow my phone makes the peacock blue nasty. Greys it out.

Eves charcoal the pipe fitter can draw!!

Al Beyer Oil

Bill Daniels oil on metal panel

George Dawney check out his website. He’s awesome. Conte I think. George is having a show at the Aiken Center for the Arts starting Thursday Dec 6 at 6 pm.

Drew Murphy 2×3′ acrylic

Tom Needham Watercolor quarter sheet

Dr Rich Klein oil

Dawn Beckering fairly large oil

Amy Lockhart Ness. Charcoal and pastel.

Fred’s large acrylic. He was off to a really fun start.

Margaret in the death throws of the UGA Bama game. Sigh. Xoxoxo guess we won’t be number 1

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