Day 1795 Chicken Chasing

One of my favorite Kew West activities is to follow the chickens around and draw them. As you probably know they abound in Key West.

I once saw a hen and her chicks use the cross walk on Whitehead to cross the road. Truly I did. They are under the tables and chairs in a lot of restaurants like Blue Heaven and B.O.s fish wagon chomping down on scraps. Subsisting off bugs when there are no handouts.

What I drew today.

Pepe’s where we are lunch and we had the best key lime pie and best coconut pie I have ever eaten.

The recipe for the best coconut pie. Sooo good. YUM YUM!!!

We walked along Key West Bight after and I drew some more. This is the Jolly Roger that fires on us during our sunset cruise. I ran out of room for the bow sprit. Hmmm. Maybe a fold out for it?!!

The spirit of America. Managed to get it all on the page.

And our last dinner at Hog Fish Grill which must be our fav since we ate there three times.

Stillman and Birn Charles Reid palette colors.

Hyatt Beach House Key West 14×18″ cp fluid paper

Maggie on her last night in Key West. Xoxoxo

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