Day 1804 zzzz is what I feel like doing

Hmm did I post this. That Skirt steak was DE LiC IousNess on a plate Melt in the mouth. Unbelievable. And the plaintains were crispy and sweet. I do love a good plantain. Too bad it’s 777 miles one way for another plate of this goodness.

Painted in Aiken today. On Yupo which is a kind of plastic. Quelle disaster but it was fun her neck is too short and too thick. Did u know I can just take a damp paper towel and wipe this off. But I think I will play with it some more. I already wiped her lips off. And I can wipe off her neck. Zip zip. Nothing sticks to Yupo.

But doesn’t it give great drips.

Ok back to sleep on the sofa. Zzzz.