Day 1798 Flotsam

Been painting like a crazy person most of the day today hence the late post. This is an assorment of what we decided was flotsam on a table in the Hyatt Beach House in Key West where we stayed. I painted 8 or 9 pages in my Key West sketchbook today.

WIP Half Sheet HP fluid 140#

I also went to the Atlanta Artist Center and painted the awesome Annie Jefferson. It is her birthday today and she was wide open for fun. She was born in California just like I was. Did I say my birthday is tomorrow.

She decided we were twins. 😂

Anyway a lot of fun this morning. Hmm it lasted til almost 2 because we kept talking.

Of course now I have to decide how to fix her eye that’s TOO high. Won’t be easy to do since it’s hot press.

Bed time. My birthday in 31 min. Hmm maybe I should stay up til midnite. Margaret whose grandkids are taking her to the Christmas lit mechanical (aka Atlanta Botanical) gardens for her birthday tomorrow nite. Xoxoxox

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