Day 1793?! Truman Ave on Parade!!

Key West is loaded with the cutest houses. Makes you just want to pack up and move here. Of course you would need a couple of million to buy this one. Oops I lied. It’s I. Foreclosure for a mere $774000 on–2034699214?mid=0#lil-mediaTab.

I chases the chickens around so I could catch them in the sunlight for a good picture to paint at the farmers market across the street from the cute house.

Found a cute trailer at the Market for an art gallery here.

Future Maggie art gallery?!!!
And we dreamed about buying a houseboat on Garrison

Found one for $139000 including the slip.

We bought cheese tasted hummus and ogled the beautiful plants for sale.

If I could figure out how to get these pitcher plants home I would have bought one for my grandson Henry. I thought they would just get torn up on the long drive home so I passed.

Chases an iguana Aruba in front of the hotel. He wasn’t happy with me. He kept trying to hide from me BUT I would find him.

Sat on the dock a while staring at the boats moored in the bay

Yes there are long turquoise fish!!

and the fish. Can u find the fish?!!

Painted a while then off to our favorite restaurant Louie’s Backyard next to Dog Beach. Dogs have their own beach here.

Tried to take photos of the shrimp boats but they were too far out for my cell phone.

Now we are off to a gallery crawl and hopefully some wine and cheese snacks along the way.

Margaret who should be doing some laundry but hey we are in Margaritaville. Who cares?! Xoxoxox

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