Day 1797 Key West Bight

Yes a Bight. That is not a typo. A Bight pronounced bite is a small area of water similar to a small bay. A curve or recess in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature. I think this is the beautiful yacht with grey sails we saw during our Sunset cruise. The sketchbook fold does not help the boats lines does it?!

I also drew the Jolly Roger across the Bight from where I sat. Oops. Left the bow sprit off. Going to add a fold out with it because it looks odd without it.

The Jolly Roger has beautiful red sails. Also a cannon like any good pirate ship would have to shoot other boats with so they can rob them. It was actually just aloud noise.

Hoping for handouts

The Bight is where a lot of the locals dock, the party catamarans and activity catamarans dock. It’s surrounded with a large variety of bars and restaurants B. O.’s and Pepe’s Cafe are both on the Bight but not on the water .


Huge 3-4′ tarpons and a nurse shark lurking for leftovers in that water.

There’s no telling who you will see walk by. A party of about 30 Asians following their group leader who had a flag a fisherman cleaning his catch loud party goers heading for their sunset cruise.

The most interesting animal we saw was an endangered HUGE Atlantic Giant grouper perhaps six feet long under one of the boats where the crew was cleaning fish.

Atlantic Giant Grouper

They can weight up to 700 pounds!! If you look carefully in the water in these pictures you will see a HUGE grouper. He was at least six feet long lurking for fish parts as the crew cleaned them and tossed them overboard. Eeekk.

Of course there were chickens. Always a chicken around.

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