Day 1797 Key West Bight

Yes a Bight. That is not a typo. A Bight pronounced bite is a small area of water similar to a small bay. A curve or recess in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature. I think this is the beautiful yacht with grey sails we saw during our Sunset cruise. The sketchbook fold does not help the boats lines does it?!

I also drew the Jolly Roger across the Bight from where I sat. Oops. Left the bow sprit off. Going to add a fold out with it because it looks odd without it.

The Jolly Roger has beautiful red sails. Also a cannon like any good pirate ship would have to shoot other boats with so they can rob them. It was actually just aloud noise.

Hoping for handouts

The Bight is where a lot of the locals dock, the party catamarans and activity catamarans dock. It’s surrounded with a large variety of bars and restaurants B. O.’s and Pepe’s Cafe are both on the Bight but not on the water .


Huge 3-4′ tarpons and a nurse shark lurking for leftovers in that water.

There’s no telling who you will see walk by. A party of about 30 Asians following their group leader who had a flag a fisherman cleaning his catch loud party goers heading for their sunset cruise.

The most interesting animal we saw was an endangered HUGE Atlantic Giant grouper perhaps six feet long under one of the boats where the crew was cleaning fish.

Atlantic Giant Grouper

They can weight up to 700 pounds!! If you look carefully in the water in these pictures you will see a HUGE grouper. He was at least six feet long lurking for fish parts as the crew cleaned them and tossed them overboard. Eeekk.

Of course there were chickens. Always a chicken around.

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6 thoughts on “Day 1797 Key West Bight

  1. Jim Webb says:

    Dear Margaret, As an artist myself living on the East Coast just two miles from Valley Forge Park have been following your every post with keen interest focused on Urban Sketching. Some of your pictures have inspired me to do a few sketches based on your pictures. Would you like for me to send them to you ? The weather in the Philly region has turned cold where at my age I don’t like exposing myself going out to paint and possibly get sick.
    I have “WP” subscription which I’m just learning to use where I hope to be on line by Christmas.
    QUESTION; What means do you use in the posting of your photos and work !

    Jim Webb


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      I usually post from my iPhone. Occasionally from my iPad. Once in a blue moon from my MacBook Pro. I hate sweating in the heat which keeps me from doing as much urban sketching. You might try sitting in your car and doing it. I occasionally do that. I think Cathy Johnson does. Some Plein air painters do it too. Sure send me your paintings. Hope you had a great thanksgiving!


      • jameswebbart says:

        Thanks Margaret, I and Joanie had a quiet , pleasant Thanksgiving dinner with her youngest daughter Erin and her oldest daughter Maureen along with her grand daughter and great grand daughter. It has gotten very cold around these parts where I no longer go out in the cold. We’ve now having downsized and now live in an apartment complex where I no longer have to mow the lawn, maintain the landscape or shovel snow.

        The nice part is that I can walk to an endless number of inspirational drawing sites as well as take SEPTA’s, ( South Eastern Pennsylvania Authorities ) light rail to Philly and as far as Trenton, NJ, Philly Airport and Wilmington, DE which is free to senior citizens. I take a trip at least once a month to downtown Philly to Dick Blick Art Supplies to replenish my supplies. I do as many sketches on the 45 minute trip to and from downtown Philly as I can. The building at 13th & chestnut St once housed the studio of Thomas Eakins. The street next to our apartment complex is Cassatt Ave named after Mary Cassatt ( 1844-1926 ) whose father was the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad where the mansion now is part of the YMCA is located just mile from home.

        At the moment I’m just learning the ropes of the digital age which I relish. I just got Xifinity’s Mobile Phone which is a SAMSUNG 7. What power in such a small package that can reach out to the world. I do have a “WP” website and registered domain in which I still in the learning curve in learning how to post my blog and images. What I love about being an Urban Sketching artist is the ability in connecting with people around the world that might not understand your language but do understand the language of a drawn image. I appreciate this way of communicating after experiencing being part of the Korean Police Action where I served in the Pusan Perimeter over sixty years ago.

        Best regards and thanks for your nice reply……..

        Jim Webb


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      • Margaret Hunt says:

        I understand that last bit. My dad was XO with Fox Company 1st Marine at Choisin Reservoir. They were cut off from the other Marines for a week who were seven miles away. Fox Company was surrounded by 10000+ Chinese. Fox Company gunners stacked dead Chinese up like sandbags and estimates by those that were there that Fox Co killed 5000 of Chinese with their automatic gun implacements. A heck of a five day battle.


      • jameswebbart says:

        Dear Margaret, An artist friend of mine who taught at an art school in Philly also served with the Marines at the Chosen Reservoir where his feet were so badly frost bitten he had to wear sandals the rest of his life. He passed away about five years ago. Bill Frieland was his name.
        He was a very quiet man who experienced far more than I did which was bad enough in the Pusan Perimeter. I was one of the few with whom he could share some of the experiences that he never did with outsiders. There is no doubt your father didn’t say much or if anything what he went through. One trait of anyone caught up and survived the horror of war became the gentlest and quiet of creatures. I do know one thing was that the Marines were melting the barrels of the 50 cal machine guns at a rapid rate. We’ve had family that served in the military since the Civil War. I was the last line of first cousins who was just in time for the Korean Police Action. I had two cousins that servied the Battle of the Buldge, one cousin was shot down over Polesti and was German war prisoner for 3 years, one was a U S Marine who enlisted in 1937 and was one of the first Marine Raiders and survived the war. Another one was a chief engineer in the Merchant Marine. My deceased son was in the Navy and his brother was a Marine Air Winger. It’s fortunate that I’m a productive artist where I’ve never forgotten the training and use I have in weapons. That last thing I want to experience is getting caught up in hate or any violence. “Nuf said !” I’m glad you had a nice Thanksgiving ! I don’t know of any urban sketcher that’s not experiencing life to the fullest.

        Regards, Jim Webb


      • Margaret Hunt says:

        Thanks for the reply. Very interesting. We were an oil family from Tulsa and New York before my dad and his brother joined the marines in 1939 or so. Oddly dad never saw action in WW2. He was at OCS (v12 school) as Notre Dame. I do know the gunner he wrote up for the Medal of Honor Hector Cafferati supposedly killed more than 5000 Chinese but THey thought if they wrote that number in the Medal of Honor rec nobody would believe them. As it is Fox Co is THE Marine Corps Battle in the USMC museum at Quantico – One of four battles they consider the most important battles in Marine Corps history. The others are Tripoli Beaulieu woods and Iwo Jima.


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