Day 1805 Hot off the Brush

Spent most of the afternoon trying to finish painting the Key West sketchbook. This is our third and final trip to Hog Fish Grill.

Added yellow gel pen. Like the addition. Bit of yellow really makes it pop doesn’t it?!

I decided it had to be our favorite restaurant since we ate there three times. Have to say their Hog Fish is divinely wonderful. My sister in law is quite fond of their lobster bisque but I opt for the hogfish salad with tiny bits of mango in it. Yummmm

I also painted this one. Our second trip to hogfish. Might need some yellow gel pen around the letters.

And another hogfish salad.

Decided to stick the stickers over a messed up figure in the sketch.

Hogfish has stickers all over it. Did you know you can peel them off and leave others behind?! I even left A Happy sticker from Pork Chop. A hogfish mango salad on another trip. I told you I like them.

A few more stickers from Key West Bite. It was too easy to peel those off and replace them with a Happy Sticker. Think it needs a yellow background don’t you?! Who knew you have to paint the sticker page?! Stickers are good for covering up messes. I couldn’t get all the Jolly Roger on the page this way so I started over. Had to cover up the mess right?!Colors used-Charles Reid colors in my Holbein palette.

A better picture of Kate Marie no shadows!! Hurrah. She’s also painted with my Charles Reid colors.

Now to finish her as well as get an entry done for the Georgia Watercolor Show Due Jan 4. 😵😵😵

Margaret who knows why she’s tired now. Xoxoxox I fell asleep in front of the tv. 😳🍁🍁🍁

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