Day 1789 Key West

View from our Condo

The southern most point in the US the Conch Republic a country unto itself.

Where the temps are a balmy 85.

Jaws will get ya

And weird things and people abound.

Hogfish Tacos & the required Margarita

The fish and the shrimp are fabulous.

Where you can eat dockside and enjoy the sea breezes.

Or slowly meander down the keys on the overseas highway.

Stopping to eat more good food on Key Largo at Buzzards Roost waterside at the Garden marina.

And listen to some Caribbean steel drum music before the strenuous last 125 miles to Key West.

Oh and enjoy their delicious shrimp basket. First sketch of the day. Buzzards Roost on Key Largo for lunch.

And all kinds of fascinating places to sketch. Sooner or later to paint in my coloring book.

Chilling on the back deck.

I mean it’s paint or eat my fish tacos. Guess which one won?

Knit Faster!! Christmas is Coming!!

Sooner or later these will get colored like this one at Malias.

Madeline Tosh sock Sprouting sock by Hedgehog Fibers

Lamy Safari and EF in my stillman and birn.

Margaret ready to put her feet up. Xoxoxoxo

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