Day 1787 Wipe out

Been working on making this too tight flower bouquet more open. Hmm maybe I should have left it alone but hey that never stopped me.

I liked the bottom of both of them the teapot the fruit the paint brush but always thought the bouquet was boringly right.

Of course now that I look at them in the pictures maybe they were okay. Oh well right.

I decided to add some red flowers to them. And some

White fluffy flowers. Uh I think I got a little carried away.

And wet a Mr Clean and wiped them off.

So yesterday I decided to WIPE THEM OUT. I taped the offensive too red flowers up.

This as you can see required LOTS and LOTS of masking tape.

Here are a couple of the flowers that I decided to just lift some of the color off them.

Think they look a lot better now.

What about the other one?!

Hmm. Well it’s still a work in progress. I like the flowers better lighter but now I have to do something to that one on the right. Tooo much flower still. Thinking about painting some blue or purple over parts of it to break it up. At any rate since I didn’t like them it didn’t hurt to play with them did it?!

Leg one of the Key west trip marathon done. I am in Atlanta leaving for Key West in the morning.

Xoxoxox Margaret go forth and play with some of those paintings you don’t like.

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