Day 1786 Gestures part 2

15 minutes gesture – Strathmore Bristol

Guaranteed if you are drawing a life model at the Atlanta Artist Center you will be starting off with gestures.

15 minutes gesture – Strathmore Bristol

The Monday group was a little vociferous since Tom who usually runs it wasn’t there-he had to deal with a contractor messing up his bathroom. And the group was running a muck without him demanding the 15 minute gesture poses.

Can’t remember how long this one was. I thought I painted her face. Guess I will go find it.

Worked on the big long pose some more.

Before Monday pm

I knew I painted her head!!

Funny story. I have driven to the Atlanta Artist Center so many times that waze reset it as home. So when I tried to drive home it kept telling me to go to the Artist Center. Duhhh. Waze why?! I drive home a lot more.

The two minute gestures. 19×24. Lots of long thin arms and legs.

I thought there were more. They will turn up. Call the one on the left sp

Margaret who has dug thru everything looking for more of these gestures. Hmm wonder where they are.


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