Day 1256 – Iain Stewart

At Nancy Couick’s Studio in Charlotte.

Lets just say he’s keeping us VERY busy. Iains a great teacher and I am think his experience teaching at Auburn University probably makes him an even better teacher.

Iains sky wash and his gradated wash.

He’s detailed in his instruction with multiple tasks and brings it all together with a purpose. And he gave us HOMEWORK?!! Omg. Haven’t had homework since I got my last masters degree which wasn’t yesterday.

My sky wash. I forgot to take a pic of my gradated wash. Oops.

Next he showed us how to paint this ok the gradated wash.

I think I got a hmmm FFFFFFF!!!

Next up painting Rossy church in Scotland over the sky wash. Iains.

Laying in shapes. My painting.

The shadow pass. Mine. Finally. With the last steeple.

Way too dark and darned if I didn’t forget one of the towers. OOOPs. Also mucked up the wash at the bottom. Better than the boat but maybe a C?!

Hoping today goes better. Definitely a VERY interesting class. Time for homework.

Ttyl Margaret whose not seeing a career in ethereal landscapes. xoxoxo

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