Day 1252 Finishing Up I hope

The left eye drove me nuts. Finally used tape to block everything but the highlight out and wiped it with my dads old hog bristle filbert til I got the light back. Hate to loose the light.

Softened edges w lifting a little and manganese alizarin cad red light blobs of very dilute color.

Before she looked a little fuzzy. So I hope she’s more in focus now.

Next Foch g the divine Miss P a little more color. She’s half Indonesian. I painted her during Kim Johnson’s class. When I asked her how to darken Miss Ps skins she said she never did that she painted everyone the same color. She didn’t get that people like to be the color they are not the color you think they should be.

My guy. I darkened the left a bit with manganese more left the right the same color. I am not touching him again. Removing the taped edges as soon as I post.

Here he is earlier before I darkened the left.

A fun mixed media snake I painted for my nephew. Watercolor w ink and red grease pencil. Same colors I used on the others with a lot of wet on wet mixing of color.

And that’s all folks.

Hugs Margaret off to class with Iain Stewart in Charlotte xoxoxox

Waiting. #hotpress #watercolor #aquarelle #fabriano #fabrianoartistico #danielsmith #holbein #mgraham #transparent #aquarelle #aquarellepainting #watercolorpainting #watercolorartist #portrait

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