Day 1196 – sketching

Zoe always thinks it’s all about her. And it usually is like these two pages. I know I have a lab Honey but she’s off hiding somwhere.

Have really been getting into ink sketching lately whether it’s my silly animals or real ones like my constant companion Zoe. She was ignoring me in this sketch because I was obsessively watching Robert Burridge‘s Bob Blasts on youtube. Only 200 or so of those. And so far almost all of them have been quite interesting. Or I might have been sketching/coloring more whimsical animals aka ignoring her.

I might have even been getting the look from her.

cutie pie bird not done but going to be a fav.

Drawn with a Lamy f in my stillman and Birn Beta. Colored with Fabre castell watercolor pencils.

Yesterday’s sunset was a good one. Wish we got these year round.

Margaret xoxoxo another busy day ahead. I think I will go back to bed.

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