Day 1194 Saturday drawing

I am blaming my misshapen sketch on i didn’t feel well. Still don’t.

Macy the model got sick and was sent home at first break so we only had 40 minutes so never got a chance to correct it. The only color on it is Daniel Smith quin coral, cerulean, and quin gold.

This is Tom Needham’s sketch. He sat right in front of me. Outs should have looked the same. Oops. Somehow they don’t.

Drew Murphy painted this amazing thing in forty minutes. Good job Drew. Big brush covers a lot of territory.

Bills oil sketch. Don’t forget he did this in forty minutes.

Lee an engineer. I cropped his legs off. They were too short too like mine.

Don’t remember who drew this.

Dawn oil

Amy oil.

And that’s a wrap folks.

Margaret who needs to get busy cleaning house soon. Seems to be getting to be a Sunday pattern.


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