Day 1011 Life Modeling aka Its Saturday 

Life model Andrea 2×3′ today #acrylic #acrylicpainting #allaprima #lifemodeling #portrait #aikensc #augustaga #notquitedone #nude

Forty minutes in. After a restart. Decided to whack her legs off. All the guys joked that I had her most important parts. 😳😕
Second break 80 minutes?

Marilyn Hartley’s lovely sketch. She didn’t get quite done.

 We short people have a problem seeing the model when Al lays her out on top of the plinths.  Like me Marilyn is short. We can barely see anything but a very narrow view. 

Kathe Dennis beautiful crayons sketch. 

Tom Needham’s watercolor

Rachel Millers lovely watercolor. 

Al Beyer A huge oil

Drew Murphys beautiful acrylic

Ilaina Van Pelt our usual models awesome oil. She’s really doing great. Look at Those feet!! Awesome job. 

Margaret madly packing. CHeap Joe’s and Charles Reid tomorrow. Hurrah. 


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