Day 1009 Those Bots 

I am just in love with the bots this Clark Ellefson makes. The whole studio was just incredible. It’s like a house on one side and a garage workshop on the other. A junkers paradise of metal bits and bobs oozing off shelves. Evidently he also makes post modern furniture too. 

The Bots at Lewis and Clark just ooze charm. Part of the fun is identifying what they are made up of. Your old lunch box or the gas can everyone had and still does in your garage.  

Even the business card is adorable and so creative.  And he’s on instagram. MUST Folow him. 

This is his wine dispenser. Not sure I would

Ever drink wine out of an old lacquer can but George did and he’s still alive.  

The Altoid bots. $45-90 each. These are also magnetized so they hang around on metal. 

These were my favorite bots with the ET lunch box and light up bottom. I took a lot of pictures of them. This is the front. 

The back.  All those things below them are the paper lamp shades you can see lit on lamps in this photo. 

Did I say I want?!  You can also see the fun funky background of the studio. Aren’t the lamps greatmasses together?! And the lunch box display. So creative. See it up on the wall top left?! 
These are the girlbots like the one on the business  card. Sorry for the bad photo but hard to take one with all the back lighting. These run around $250 each. 

I need one.  😳🤗

Glass robot and a funky lite. 

Robot sketches already framed in what I think are bridge card boxes.  Who woulda thought?! 

More robot sketches.  

Such fun.  

That gas can.  

A side view of my two favorites.  
A fun assortment.  Guess we need to start saving those spice cans.  

Et robot again. 

And again.  I did say I liked it. Right?! 

More bots. 

Details of those above. 

I really want one of these. Maybe I should start a kick starter. Don’t you want to buy one for me. Lol.  

Margaret off to tune her car up. On Charles Reid class at Boone count down.  Four more days. Xoxoxo and dr Sketchys tonite.  YEAHHHHH

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