Day 1000- do I hear trumpets drums?! 

For some reason this sits in my scheduled posts so clearing it out  by publishing it. Only took not quite three years to get here  I have posted from the Sunshine Parkeay in Florida on the way to Key West, on the Seine River on a Viking boat- hither and yon.  It’s been a journey. Still haven’t decided if it will go on. And on.  And on.  

A few of my Paris sketches 

A few more Charlotte sketches. 

4 thoughts on “Day 1000- do I hear trumpets drums?! 

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      THanks. 650 days is impressive but you are right about its hard to keep up with even when you don’t have a 9-5 job. Quite demanding trying to just write something everyday. Haven’t decided it I will quit. That has drawbacks too. What if I stop painting sketching producing?! And if you stop you have to start counting from one again. Eeek. It’s a problem. We shall see one day at a time which is how I got to 1000.

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  1. s. m. says:

    you are allowed a vacation, however many of us would be sad to not have your work ethic and the results not here to inspire…think on it!… thanks for the 1000 and congrats.. sandra of san jose


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks Sandra!! We shall see. Right now not feeling the urge to quit but there are days when I just have to make myself DO IT!!


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