Day 950!! It’s Saturday 

Busy day! Hard to believe in 50 more days I have been blogging daily. 

I didn’t quite finish her. Had to leave at second break but I do think she’s interesting. Her thigh is too big and her right elbow is too high. Both easy fixes. And I think the shadow on her jaw is a bit dark. Ear. Oops never got around to adding details. But I can. Of course will I is the question? Maybe?!  

She was up high above me on a box and I sat in a low chair with the board just a foot off the floor. Loving the Winsor purple with the Indian yellow. Flesh rigt out of the liquitex tube. 

Here she is at first break. She’s 24×36″ and the figure is big. Almost life size. 

A fun bit of cartoon homework. Imagining what goes on in a hen house b

The last old house on upper Broad Street downtown in Augusta sitting in the middle of a car lot. Somebody said there were three blocks of these houses that ran from 1300-1500 block of Broad Street. Sad to me they are all gone. The last three are just shabby or derelict like this one. The first floor windows are really boarded up but I didn’t want to do that to it. Upstairs lots of windows are knocked out. 

Here’s the sketch. Stillman and Birn alpha drawn with a Lamy EF and Lexington grey ink.  Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

The other two houses a few doors down still lived in though shabby. 

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxo 

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