Day 741 And more painting 

One thing about going out of town is that you eat out a lot. Various members of our family have gone to Gatlinburg most of thier lives. 

Little off beat places like the Whole Earth Cafe make the trip worth while. 
Kitschy and organic and right on the East Parkway it’s a great spot to eat. It’s only open for lunch from 11-3 but the food is awesome and the chef owner Jan is a sweetheart. 

Trying to eat Lo carb I had eaten chicken salad at McAllisters the day before. Loaded with sugar. 

So I went to Whole Earth the next day. Delicious no sugar added chicken salad with real tomatoes not those hot house spongy things. 

I talked to the chef Jan/owner and she said she had never seen a recipe for chicken salad with sugar added. 

The original sketch 

One of my pet peeves is all the sugar the food industry needlessly adds to our food especially when I am trying to do Lo carb. 

I do love these quirky “garden statuary. ”

And in the same parking lot you will find the salt and pepper museum. What more can you need? Awesome food and salt and pepper museum?! 

Oh a yarn and weaving store that has grown huge in just a few years. 

And a junk store. All in the same Winery shopping center. Also a wine store and a fly fishing store. 
Thanks for reading.

Margaret xxx

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