Day 723 -WIP –  Three hours of work so far

This is  HUGE 28×48 Acrylic.   I have only worked on it about three  hours this includes drawing the photo to paint it. 

I have a few glaring problems which I need to fix before going on. I have made her face and body much too wide. The shadows are nonexistent on her body on the left. 

She’s a friend and I intend to fix that. I would fix it even if she weren’t because I would rather make people thinner than they are.  

I had intended to paint this but all my friends said paint the next photo because the light is better which is true. I really love her boots. If you know her she wears boots most of the time since she rides horses. 

Only problem is that I had already drawn this to do a full sheet watercolor too. It took hours and hours to draw it and LOTS of erasing. 

 Even in this one the face appears a little wide. Possibly due to the lack of shadows?! 3/4 views are always a pain. 

So I guess I will do two since this one took most of the day to draw. 

I do think it’s interesting that it was so much easier to draw the second time out. Practice makes perfect right?!!

One last thing. A lot of times I will change the photo to black and white to paint from so if I want to I can give her a red shirt and a purple jacket. I do like the blues better but getting comments it’s TOO pretty. 

Sigh! You just can’t make everyone happy can you?! 😋

Colors used so far Golden Quin Nickel Azo Gold, Thalo Blue and Ultramarine Blue ( great for denim), Liquitex Burnt Umber and Titanium white plus a tube of Winsor Purple. 

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