Day 722 – the MillerĀ 

Named after its owner Frank Miller the theater is an Arte Moderne  theater built in 1938 in downtown Augusta. 

This side of Broad Street rarely gets any direct sunlight and of course it’s the side where all the old stores are. 

Business office buildings are largely on the other side of Broad the sunny side probably because who wants to shop in the hot summer sun??

The onset of the malls in the late 70s destroyed downtown Augusta business and forced the closure of the Miller in 1980s. 

Currently under new ownership of Peter Knox it is slated to reopen fully restored in 2017 as the new home of the Augusta Symphony. 

As kids we went to see Disney movies, Beatle movies, and the umpteenth screening of Gone with the Wind here. I distinctly remember watching Swiss Family Robinson and 101 Dalmatians here. 

Colors used. Ted Nuttalls colors and sodalite. Really like the way the sodalite granulated on the front of the grey stucco building. I also used a white and a light yellow caran d’ache watercolor crayon and a white gel pen for the lights. 

Anyway. Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx