Day 720 Happy Fathers Day

My dad, a young 93, loves dogs. He’s a sucker for them. And they love him. Feeds them endless snacks. Feeds them of his dinner plate. 

I should be painting something new to post. Goodness knows my sketch books are full of ink sketches begging to be painted BUT there’s a new dog in town. I am babysitting my sons rescue the sweet Wesley aka Cowdog because he’s black and white like the Chic Fil A cows. 

I took a photo of this and noticed his head was too small so I added about an 1/8 of an inch along his jaw line. 

Here’s the one when his head is too small. 

Drawn with a Noodler Konrad with carbon platinum black ink. 
Thanks for checking by!  Hope you all enjoy your Fathers Day!

Margaret xxx