Day 712 – It’s Saturday¬†

 Been a while since I posted one of these. Been out of town I think for the last two months or sick so haven’t been going to life modeling. 

And did I say rusty?! What happens when you don’t paint regularly. She looked good when I painted her. Not so sure now. Oh well there’s always gesso!! 

Or maybe she needs a good crop?! That’s one good thing about painting on hardboard you can crop it with a table saw. 

Thought I would share some of the other paintings done today. All but the watercolor are at least 24×30. 

This is Drew Murphy’s acrylic, my favorite one today I think. Really like his colors. Drew recently won a blue ribbon for best Abstract at the Aiken Art Guild juried show. 

Al Beyers’ oil hard to top Al but I think Drew did today. Al is a professor at USC Aiken and currently part of a faculty show at Aiken Center for the Arts. 

Tom Needhams watercolor. Tom teaches watercolor at the Gertrude Herbeet Institute of Art in Augusta. 

Fred’s acrylic. His Mondigliani. Love the orange background. He was just to my left 4 feet. And what a difference that made in the view. 

Interesting how different Ilania looks from different angles. 
Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx