Day 718 A JRT or two

Really have to find something else to draw besides the dogs.  Well at least something to practice fast sketching on.  

This one is a little off but chalking it up to Zoe moving when she was giving me the Jack Russell stare while eating which means she really wants it cause she might be fainting from starvation any second if I don’t give it to her. 

I did start this sketch for a really big full sheet watercolor that I have been wanting to start since I got back from Knoxville. She still has some kinks to work out before I start it. 

So that’s what I have been up to today. 

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Margaret xxx

Day 617 Done and a dog or two

All the squiggly lines are glued down now. I like it but will live with it a while before I sign my name. My biggest problem is always deciding when something is done. But for now it is done. 

Back to drawing dogs. Noodler Konrad loaded with Deartrementis document brown ink. 

Begging ever hopeful Honey. She did get to lick my breakfast plate. This is drawn with a Pentel Hybrid Techna pen that I like to write with a lot. It did a good job drawing too. It’s so fine it requires a lot more cross hatching than the Konrad. The pen isn’t waterproof so a little water and smudging took care of that problem. 

HOWEVER when I used it to mark grid lines to enlarge a photo I am going to paint the ink on the photo killed it. 

Now I am wondering if Cheap Joes will replace it. They have a one year warranty on all their products. I got it during my class with Ted Nuttall last month and just finally used it. I used their warranty when my paintbrush had a loose ferrell and they replaced it without a problem. Cheap Joes is such a great place. 

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