Day 715 – the Abstract

Been working on this today adding the collage bits. I used paper that I painted a few years back. If I had used scrap book paper it wouldn’t be eligible for a lot of watercolor shows. 

Here it is before I added the collage bits. Can you find them?!

Black and gold with  golden silver or possible golden stainless 

These papers are oh so easy to make and I have a large stack of them.  

You paint a blobby line of acrylic paint across the top of a piece of printer paper and scrape it down with an old credit card. Let it dry.

Nickel Azo gold with dioxzine purple

Then you repeat with another color. Scrape it down with a credit card. 

Spray it with water BEFORE IT DRIES. LET IT DRY and scrape it again. It will peel off paint leaving the splatters from the spray. 

Golden stainless nickel Azo gold then golden silver 

Thalo? Green and copper

Not sure but the base coat is nickel Azo gold with a golden silver top coat. Not sure what the second layer is. You can do three layers. 

Nickel Azo gold with  golden silver 

Nickel Azo gold with golden silver and a third color 

Turquoise with golden silver 

Quin magenta I think with dioxzine purple
Opalescent light green with copper I think. 

I also added pieces of old painted deli wrap paper. 

Like you get Hardee’s biscuits in without printing on it. 

You paint scrape and stamp them yourself. 

Or stencil them. 

Most of them are painted with golden pearlescent and opalescent paints with liquitex solids. 
A painted and stamped Ruby Tuesdays napkin

And there’s always those paper towels you wipe your paint brushes with. 

Since they are all glued down with gel medium it doesn’t matter that they are not archival. They become plasticized   with the medium. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx