Day 716 – While digging 

For collage papers I also found my citrasolve altered papers. I have a two inch stack of them.

Multimedia collage with citrasolv papers, ginkgo leaves, tissue paper and tuna fish pak cardboard from Krogers. 
It’s a great way to make altered “antique” photos for framing or for collage or any thing else you can dream up. Art on a Budget.  


So I am posting some of my favorites I made 3-4 years ago. 

They are made from old National Geographics the only magazine that can be used for this.  

Use the straight UNDILUTED citrasolv CONCENTRATE.  Also rubber gloves and a sunny NOT WINDY day is required. More detailed directions are here

Mine is from Jerrysartarama. I have quart. Let me know if u need some if u live in the Augusta area. 

Put some citrasolv in a shaker container like a pill bottle with holes punched in the lid. 

Flipping thru the National Geographic sprinkle some citrasolv on all the pages but the ads. It doesn’t work well on them. The papers different. 

Close the book and let the citrasolv sit til the ink starts moving. 

Maybe ten – twenty minutes. Yes you can peek. 

When the ink is moving open the book. 

Start ripping the pages out one at a time and lay them out flat and separately. No stacking no overlapping. The spine will come apart easily. 

Lay them on the grass to dry in the sun. You will have a lot of pages.  Don’t let them blow away. 

They take a while to loose the citrasolv smell. 

This is a copy of one I liked a lot. 

You can make copies so that you can keep your favorites. 

Then you can use them over and over. 

Bytw you can buy National Geographics for .50 at our Salvation Army of you don’t have a friend that will give you stacks of their old ones. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx