Day 721  – Alexis 

One of my Aiken painting friends blocking out her new painting. 
Alexis always comes to paint dressed to the nines frequently with a scarf flung over her shoulder wearing ballet flats. She says she’s trying to wear out her old work clothes now that she’s retired. 
I quipped at her it wouldnt take me long to do in my good clothes with acrylic paint smears. 
This painting doesn’t do her justice because she’s also very tiny. I fattened her up a bit. 😁 Sorey Alexis. She works hard on staying slim. Always eating somethings healthy. 
Speaking of which I think I will go eat a salad. Big wedding coming aka Mother of the Groom dress. Eeekkk. 

Colors used – Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. And sodalite. Makes a great granulating grey.