Day 705 – The Typewriter

This is our hotel – the downtown Knoxville Marriott which was dubbed the Typewriter by University of Tennessee students in the 70s.  Can you see why?! 

Painted with Quin gold. Cerulean sky. Cobalt and Quin sienna Windows. Bushes hookers green w ultramarine blue. 

The shot of Jameson’s is Quin  sienna. There’s along journal entry about how I got that free shot of Jameson’s and a free bottle of Merlot. Suffice to say it involved a long call with tech support to get in wifi where the “help”told me for half an hour to add it to the wifi the same way I always do. He told me over and over and over. 😏 otherwise a great hotel in a great downtown location.  
Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx