Day 719 – Saturday 

Already again.  

Ilania 20×24 acrylic 

This only took about an hour to paint. Somehow the thinned nickel Azo gold prepainted background really helped getting her done. 

After the first forty minutes. 

Of course after I started looking at her on my phoneI thought maybe I should have painted the drape she was sitting on. Her left arm looks chopped off. It’s really behind the chair she sat on. And her right arm though it looks great is suspended in space. So hmm.  What do you think?!  
She was painted with Winsor violet, liquitex burnt umber and titanium white, and golden fluid pyrrole red and nickel Azo gold. 

Al Beyers lovely large oil. Anout 4 feet long. The hand is just amazing. Remember these were all painted in about an hour and a half. 

Drew Murphys acrylic. Some lovely skin tones. Cezanne looking today. Great effect. 

Cathe Dennis from Lansing, Michigan’s pastel. She even knows where Diamondale is. My daughter in laws family lives there. Love her scribbles. For some reason  it reminds me of Toulouse Lautrec. 

Ruth Pearls awesome large pastel. 

Tom Needhams El Greco he always does beautiful skin tones. 

Fred Baker with his always interesting sense of color. 

Thanks for checking by. 

Margaret xxx