Day 708 – Progress I hope!

Been trying to see if I can make an. Abstract on my own without help from John Salimen. So far this is what I have done. I still have to collage and paint some with acrylic paint. 

The first Chechen of four objects stacked on top of each other and traded on one sheet of trading paper. 

Grided and transferred to a full sheet of arches 300# cold press. The edges were taped off with narrow masking tape.  

Tracing the white shape with a yellow water color marker. Next time I will use yellow wc paint because this was too dark and showed.  It forced me to use yellow when I had wanted to make a red one. 

Background wash of yellow and red. 

Painting in the shapes with various greys trying to follow John’s Rules n

Painting continues. 

Oops how did my white space look Ike Pinnochio walking? He has to go. 

Adding some blue to my white space so that Pinnochio disappears. I hope. 

Here it is as of last nite.  I scribbled out some of the blue in the white space with a Mr Clean eraser.  I also added a swath of black at the top and more purple red on the bottom right. The white stripes are paper to be collages if I decide I like where they are. 

But first off to Atlanta to see the chihuly exhibit and for my son’s birthday dinner. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret on the road again! Xxx

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