Day 563 – Auvers sur L’Oise or How to make a Map! 

Auvers is a small French village best known as the town for Vincent Van Gogh spending the last summer of his life here. He also painted 70 paintings in the 90 or so days he was there.   

A short bus ride from Paris Auvers is a part of France that has been preserved as a historic area. It can never be changed. No new buildings can be added so it’s like a walk thru Van Gogh’s last days. 

Vincent’s room is still there in the Aubeege Ravoux.  A tiny room in the attic what the British call a box room. 

Auvers Hotel de Ville July 14 1890 (The Town Hall, Bastille Day, the French Independence Day)

 You can look out the window and see the Hotel de Ville which of course he painted.  It still has the flags across the second floor Windows. 


Turn right out of the Auberge and walk up Rue de Sausonne. The lane the stone gate the steps and the house are still there. The only thing that changes are the trees. 

  Climb the steps and walk down Daubigny to the Eglise Notre Dame de l’Assomption. 


 Turn left, walk up the hill to the famous wheat field. 

Another right front the field will take you to the Cemetary where he is buried with his brother Theo.

A lovely little village. I was just sad I could not draw one sketch while I was there. zip zip zip we ran up and down the hilly river town.

Auvers je reviens!! 

Oh before I close. How do I do these. Usually I start with a rough sketch of the route walked penciling in buildings I want to include. 


  Then I draw it out as I want it to be. I also make a mental list of embellishments for it. People or in this case sunflowers and crows and Van Goghs paintings. 

Pencil sketch. 

Inked map. 

Thanks for reading. Off to draw in Aiken aka I am running late doing  this post. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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