Day 292- Inner Bean


I love go sit in the inner bean and sketch the diners but I have never drawn it from this angle before. I say in the middle of the place drawing and nobody noticed me. They were all too busy with their conversations. 

There were all kinds of coffee things to draw from this angle. So many cups!!! 

I started by drawing the bar and as people filtered in I added them to the scene. Biggest problem is the counter is so high you can’t see the moms and their worker bees fixing coffee and sandwiches and cutting the delicious cakes. 

For some strange reason a lot of people were wearing black. It’s spring and it was Friday. Where are the bright colors?! I actually changed some of the black shirts to other colors or it would have been deathly dull. 

Noodler creaper Ahab loaded with carbon platinum black in my Stillman and Birn Zeta. 

Colors used. Flesh DS Quin Coral and Yellow Ochre 

The black – Indigo and Ultramarine Blue With burnt umber added now and then. 

Orange or red hair is actually the Quin Coral with yellow added to it. 

Otherwise most of the colors were straight off my pallette with little mixing. 

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Day 292- Inner Bean

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      I do think it’s odd people don’t notice. Yesterday I did it in the middle of a busy car dealership. Nobody seemed to notice. I was drawing the cats for a sketchbooskool assignment. Thought it was weird no one said can I see what u r doing. I guess people are oblivious.


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