Day 259 – Life Model time 


WIP caran d’ache on kilimanjaro half sheet 

This Is the first standing pose I have ever drawn so I was thrilled to get her in proportion.  I have to give ilanya kudos for holding a rock steady pose for two hours. Not easy to do. 

Today I started drawing her with a light grey crayon. Next came flesh color.  That went well. 

Then I went for burnt sienna instead of yellow ochre and it was just too dark. When I added cobalt well. That was trouble.  I almost destroyed her with burnt sienna and cobalt blue.  Made an icky green. But when you think it’s ruined it can be a good thing. You don’t care what you do with it and experiment. 

I got out an ultramarine blue crayon burnt umber and the black. I never use the black. And I try not to use the dark colors on a young life model. Today I didn’t care. Anything was better than the ick blue and burnt sienna. 

I like the fake blues and Browns I used in her.  Anyway thanks for looking!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 259 – Life Model time 

  1. Margaret Hunt says:

    Thanks Madeline…we go every Saturday. Come down and join us…its only $4! which is why we drive to Aiken to do it!! And its fun hanging out with all the other artists…


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