Day 233 – Madly Sketching

Nothing unusual about that is there?

Both of these are on Strathmore 500 Mixed Media and done with my beloved Noodler Creaper Ahab.  


I drew this last nite while I was watching Grantchester on PBS Mystery. Mystery is my favorite show on PBS.   I just love Grantchester, and of course it doesn’t hurt that the hero James Norton is such a cutie.I wasnt wild about him in Murder at Pemberly….too foppish for me. BUT in Grantchester he plays a wounded but sweet guy.I looked at his face and though as square as his face is its NOT hard to draw and I was right.  His partner Robson aka Geordie was NOT as easy to draw though I think it looks like him. His face is too wide.  I did draw him off the tv.

His side kick Robson Green is not bad either.  He’s been a favorite of mine since his show Wired in the Blood where he’s a profiler. Wired in the Blood is A VERY creepy show set in Scotland.  Even my sons love it!


I don’t seem to be able to leave them in black and white.  I finally threw in the towel and colored it with my Caran d’ache watersoluble crayons.  Was nice curled up on the sofa coloring and them painting with the water brushes. 

Some of the lettering in this version was done with the Kuretake- the heavier lettering.  I have five of Kuretakes and rarely use them. I was so surprised because I kept adding words and the Kuretakes dried INSTANTLY. I painted over the lettering at the top immediately after writing it…usually a guaranteed bleed with my Pentel Brush Marker especially when its heavy like the word Grantchester.

I think it got a little cluttered…I kept adding words to it as I thought more about the characters…I could have done a better job organizing it!! 


My faithful companion Zoe snuggling on the sofa while Mom aka me messes with the computer.  I think I am drawing a dog everyday lately. Well most days!! Zoe is helpful laying next to me on the sofa.!! This one is still in black and white.  I had just watched Andrea Joseph’s video in SBS…maybe where I got the idea for all the crosshatching??  Or maybe its because I drew her with the brush marker yesterday.  I wanted to see what the Noodler would do with her fur…MUCH easier to draw and get good results.  I dont know why people complain about their Creapers.  I LOVE mine…had it four months without a problem.  

Thanks for looking!!

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