Day 2067 Mother’s Day rerun

Finally painted this. The hahnemuhle paper was a trial. Couldn’t lift any of the alizarin which is a staining color. I should have fished out my other pink for a change of color. Oh well. It’s just in the sketchbook.

Earlier. Mike reminded me to loose some edges Which I did try to do. Not easy on the hahnemuhle paper.

I think that’s why I need a Charles Reid class every year. A refresher class. Lol.

Guess this year will have to make do with the video since he’s only teaching three times a year now. 😢

The sketch.

Maybe a do over in real watercolor paper. What do you think??!

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 2064 one of those days

I was going to paint but NO. Not to be I did get an entry into the SC Watermedia Show.

Waiting was the winner. Course I entered this copy.

I had a few other choices. Hmm

Abt 20!!

I meant to enter the Ferrier and forgot by the time I actually got logged in and password right.

Margaret who was out to lunch and never published this one. Xoxox

Day 2067 HMMM

I can always draw Zoe in her drawn her so many times but this one just looks odd. She has her nose stuck in her comfy bed which is like a big pillow and I was sitting above her.

Not my fav Zoe sketch matter how I crop it.

Hahnemuhle journal 2 B Fabre Castell pencil. Hmm I can erase the whole thing. Something I never do with her sketches.

Good idea!!

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 2066 Some days

I just feel like drawing. My Mother’s Day Flowers still going strong this am. I meant to paint them before they are dead. Not today not tomorrow. Maybe Sunday?!!

hahnemuhle wc journal and a 2b big fat pencil. Maybe a caran bdache?!! A freebee at some watercolor show or workshop. Usually a 2B is much darker. Oh well.

I also have to get this painting repainted for a friend. Who knew it would be so popular. I wanted it too but the first painting that sold at my show in February. A popular painting.

Fabriano cp 300#

It sat on my kitchen counter for a couple of years til I framed it. And I miss it. Maybe I will repaint myself one too?!

I worked on the background a bit on this bird today and like it better except that unfortunately dip in her back. Of course that’s easy to fix with a bit of tape and a mr clean or a sea sponge.

Wonder what else I can NOT do right today.

Margaret. Xoxoxox still being lazy. Not a good thing with the Ga Watercolor Show deadline looming on June 10. Eeekkkkkk

Day 2065 Another cheer up

She may need something still. Off to another friends house who definitely needs a cheer up.

Kilimanjaro Cp 140 # Dewey inktense pencils and watercolor

Margaret whose gotta watch Big Bang. Last show. 😢😢😢xoxoxo

Day 2063 The Carolina Wren

Wasn’t going to do this today. I have a friend who needs cheering up so this postcard is flying off to the friend tomorrow.

And of course it’s drawn from my favorite photo I took last week.

Cheap Joes Kilimanjaro cp 140# derwent inktense pencils and Charles Reid palette colors. The strawberry is dotted with gouache mixed with cad yellow light. Strawberry is cad red light burnt sienna and a mixed neutral tint.

Wren mostly yellow ochre burnt sienna and burnt umber with dabs of mixed neutral tint on the eye and legs.

Margaret who is going to eat a salad for dinner. Xoxoxox

Day 2062 Busy Day

Catching up after a week out of town.

Red bellied woodpecker a giant. Everyone flies away whenthis one comes to feed.

Thought I would share some of my fav bird photos from last week at my moms. Downy woodpecker – small cardinal sized bird

Really pleased with these.

Red bellied woodpecker again

Only took about 500 or so. 😳


Paintings or postcards from some of them sooner or later but in the meantime great for reference photos. Carolina wren. My very fav photo I think

Nobody would touch those NON organic strawberries. Scary!!!

It’s easy to draw a wren but harder to remember what exactly their wings look like or the white around their eyes.

Blue Jay- they run the feeder unless the red bellied shows up.


OK so I like the Jays. Naughty bossy boys.

Or hmm are they girls??!

Tufted titmouse – sweet tiny speedy birds that zip in and out too fast for photos.

an elegant bird in his tuxedo. Towhee about as good as he got too. Zipped in and out or was in shadow.

Dove. Need to photoshop that leaf off him


These were taken with my handheld Nikon with a telephoto lens on sports setting. I have hit Del Del Del a lot. Sometimes I ended up with just a tree and no bird.

Margaret ready to hop in bed and finish her book the Fix by Baldacci.

Day 2061 Happy Mother’s Day

My very old Mother with a lap full of my sweet puppy Zoe who loved lollying on her lap. Made them both happy. I think Zoe could be a great therapy dog. She loves occupying someone anyone’s lap.

Mom was lost in The Crown on her new Roku she got for Mother’s Day. Netflix, Amazon and Acorn should make her days a bit more interesting since Dad died last fall after 73 years of marriage. She’s wishing she had a Zoe dog. Her 18 year old Schnauzer Mattie is NOT a lap dog like Zoe. Nobody cuddles better than a Jack Russell. They were bred to ride on horses while the owners rode to the fox hunt. A snuggly dog on horse back was required. I can’t even imagine jumping a horse with a dog on the saddle in a bag, can you?! But that’s what they did.

Anyway. Bed time. Long day driving all over the countryside.

Margaret going you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Xoxoxox

A cheap