Day 2067 Mother’s Day rerun

Finally painted this. The hahnemuhle paper was a trial. Couldn’t lift any of the alizarin which is a staining color. I should have fished out my other pink for a change of color. Oh well. It’s just in the sketchbook.

Earlier. Mike reminded me to loose some edges Which I did try to do. Not easy on the hahnemuhle paper.

I think that’s why I need a Charles Reid class every year. A refresher class. Lol.

Guess this year will have to make do with the video since he’s only teaching three times a year now. 😢

The sketch.

Maybe a do over in real watercolor paper. What do you think??!

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 2064 one of those days

I was going to paint but NO. Not to be I did get an entry into the SC Watermedia Show.

Waiting was the winner. Course I entered this copy.

I had a few other choices. Hmm

Abt 20!!

I meant to enter the Ferrier and forgot by the time I actually got logged in and password right.

Margaret who was out to lunch and never published this one. Xoxox

Day 2067 HMMM

I can always draw Zoe in her drawn her so many times but this one just looks odd. She has her nose stuck in her comfy bed which is like a big pillow and I was sitting above her.

Not my fav Zoe sketch matter how I crop it.

Hahnemuhle journal 2 B Fabre Castell pencil. Hmm I can erase the whole thing. Something I never do with her sketches.

Good idea!!

Margaret Xoxoxox